Write overall findings & recommendations for the Bank of America Corporation

Overall Findings & Recommendations for the Bank of America Corporation

 Review the comparison and contrast paper you wrote to the CEO in the case assignment (this has been attached to this order). Next write your 10 – 12 page paper on the overall findings and recommendations, based upon literature and your SWOT analysis (this has been attached to this order).

Each of the MBA Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) is embedded within the course. If you write a meaningful paper, touching on each area covered within the course, you will successfully achieve the Program Learning Outcomes. Below are the topics that were covered throughout the course: Module 1 – Organization Background & Benchmarking. Module 2 – Organization Background, Ethics/Legal, and Current Events. Module 3 –Marketing, Financials & Accounting. Module 4 – Organization Culture, People, and Diversity. Module 5 – Strategy and Planning Analysis—Organization Goals. Module 6 – SWOT Analysis: Preparing for Recommendations. Module 7 – Recommendations, 21st Century, and Moving Forward. Module 8 – Synthesizing the Report (ALL).

The report is synthesized by interweaving the above topics in a coherent paper (avoid the tendency to rewrite the titles and make a running list. You had the same organization all session, so just flow with it) The Executive Summary is also a synthesis of what you learned.

***Organization selected for this capstone assignment is the Bank of America Corporation.*** Other Important Instructions/Reminders: -Use sub-headings to make sure you are covering all parts of the assignment. This also helps the paper to flow better.

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