Do males and females differ on their level of math anxiety?

Define the IV and DV and level of measurement in the following examples.

Specifically note whether the variables are nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio along with IV and DV, using the following table.

What is the difference between PTSD avoidance symptom severity post scores of critical illness survivors who receive nurse-initiated diaries during hospitalization and critical illness survivors who do not receive nurse-initiated diaries during hospitalization at a large military medical center in the Pacific Region?

Do males and females differ on their level of math anxiety?

There is no significant difference among students who manifests high, moderate, and low achievement motivation with regards to their mathematics performance.

Gender has no significant influence on students’ achievement motivation and attitude with regards to their Mathematics performance.

To what extent does an administrator’s knowledge of eminent domain law contribute to his or her use of eminent domain for economic development?

People who are clinically depressed will have different sleep patterns than those who are not clinically depressed.

In routine office work, the introduction of a four-day work week will lead to higher productivity among millennials.

Does weight and blood pressure affect sleep efficiency in elder adults?

Does Melatonin 1 mg and Melatonin 5 mg have the same effect on sleep patterns in HIV-positive individuals?

Is teacher effectiveness, as a measure of professionalism, higher for schools that have implemented sustained Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) than those schools that have not implemented sustained PLCs?


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