What is your motivation in life?

Self-actualization Reflection paper

Make sure to include an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion.
1. What is your motivation in life?

2. What is your mission in life, as Celeste Headlee mentions in the video?
3. Share one goal (that comes from this motivation and mission) that would allow you to more fully express your potential.

4. In what ways would either actively working towards or achieving this goal allow you to experience more deeply the qualities of self-actualization, as outlined by Maslow? (Discuss at least two self-actualization qualities and the overall positive impact this would have on your life).

5. How would you feel to be working towards or achieving this goal?

6. In what ways would it allow you to contribute and give back to others?

7. Which of Maslow’s Obstacles to Growth impede your manifestation of your goal and why? Please use Maslow’s specific “Obstacles to Growth” list in the PP or through your own research on the internet.

8. Share at least one inner conflict, as Anthony Robbins suggests in the video, that keeps you from materializing your goal.

9. What would it take to make you more emotionally fit, as Anthony Robbin’s mentions in the video, so that you may attain your goat and experience fulfillment?

10. What are your detailed action steps with specific dates you will have them accomplished by that will move you closer to manifesting your goal? (Name at least 3 concrete steps that are directly tied to your goal that you can do today).

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