Can adopting telemental healthcare improve healthcare quality and accessibility?

Competition Law and Healthcare

Title: Can adopting telemental healthcare improve healthcare quality and accessibility?

Subtitle: How competition law might improve mental health

In what way should Competition law policy regulate telemental health to achieve wide accessibility of high quality mental health care ?

Competition analysis

  1. What theory of harm appropriately balances health care quality, access and cost?


  1. How should the market(s) for telemental health be defined?


  1. In which markets does telemental health participate and which market shares does it currently occupy?


  1. To what extent do regulatory barriers’ effect on telemental health differ compared to conventional mental health provision in the Netherlands?


Competition law policy analysis

  1. Which modalities of telemental healthcare delivery have been identified as being “successful” in facilitating healthcare accessibility without compromising quality and should therefore be facilitated by Competition law policy?


  1. How do competition law objectives differ from other relevant policy fields?


  1. For what reasons are effective, proven technological healthcare innovations not/only slowly adopted and which of these reasons are related to competition law policy?


  1. Is competition policy capable of improving market failures in health care or are other remedies better suited for the task?


  1. What competition regulation options, in both a wide and a narrow sense, are likely helpful in achieving wider accessibility of mental health care without disproportionate compromise to healthcare quality?
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