Psychology related to the disability, identify at least four issues related to the topic choice.

psychology related to the disability


SOURCES AND ISSUES on this assignment, prepare a references page in APA style in which you include all the sources you plan to discuss in your literature review.

Because formatting is an important consideration in this assignment, attach it as a Word document. DO NOT post directly on Blackboard.

For this assignment, you are then required to identify at least four issues related to the topic choice.


You will not know what these four issues are until you read several sources about your topic. In other words, the more you research and read, the more four issues across your sources will jump out at you.

As you read your sources carefully, you will begin to see common topics and themes in their discussions. These will be the issues around which you will organize your literature review.

What are the common themes discussed in these sources? From the seven to ten sources you are using for this project, you must identify at least four issues they discuss in common and on which they probably disagree to some extent.

For this assignment, provide a list of the four (or more) issues you will discuss in your literature review. For each, note in at least 100 words some of the differing or similar presentations or disagreements and agreements among your sources.

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