Select a specific disease topic based on an actual patient. Summarize Pathophysiology and name and description of disease.

Select a specific disease topic based on an actual patient. Gather, read 20
and cite a minimum of 5 recent scholarly articles, < 5 years, on the topic and
include in references list
Summarize Pathophysiology
Name and description of disease
Risk factor(s) for disease
Presenting s/s and clinical manifestations
Physiological changes caused by the disease
Disease progression
Systemic changes (chronic major body systems affected by the disease)
Usual treatment for disease
Brief summary of secondary/concurrent disease
Significance of the problem
Related factors (demographic factors may include race/ethnicity,
age, gender, etc)
Formulate Nursing Process [ADPIE] 50
Assessment, focal
Diagnoses, nursing (actual and complete; 2 physiological, 1 psychosocial)
Planning (significant patient expected outcomes/goals relevant to the problem)
Interventions (ADTR method, independent first-dependent last)
Evaluation (met, partially met, not met with evidence)

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