Describe how the technology you are reporting on may affect society/culture in the future.

Future Technology and Culture: Your speculation and forecast of the future impact upon culture and society of various contemporary and future (predicted/forecast) technologies.


In this assignment, you are to choose a technological topic that interests you. A list of suggested topics is provided below. You may write on any topic you wish and if you are interested in writing about a topic other than those included on the list you may do so without seeking my approval. Limit your topics to those things that appear to be feasible within the next 50 years or so. (For instance, time-travel, teleportation, inter-dimensional travel, invisibility cloaking devices, faster-than-light space travel, and unpretentious social media celebrities are examples of things that are probably not very likely in the near future)


If you are not sure what topic interests you, you could google ‘future technology/future technologies’ to see a variety of ideas and information for your essay topic.


In your essay/paper you are to describe how the technology you are reporting on may affect society/culture in the future. You should start the paper with a brief history of the technology you are addressing. This brief history part can be 2 to 2 ½ pages long including how this technology has affected society so far. The paper must include a description of the technological changes that may occur in the future and the significance of these changes to the society/culture in which it happens. A major component of the paper is your opinion and speculation on what the future may bring. However, you must use and cite at least 3 credible reference sources. Also, please do not provide an in-depth explanation of how the technology will (or might) work or the specific scientific and technical characteristics of the technology. The required page limit is 8 pages. Please note that this does NOT include the Title page and the References page.


A list of suggested topics for this essay is provided below.


Contemporary and Future Technology – Cultural Dynamics


·         Technology & Ecology: Friend or Foe? How technology can cause and solve problems

  • Non-Lethal Weapons – Weapons to control, not to kill
  • Technology and Children – How technology affects children today
  • Technology and Agriculture – Farming in the future – No longer 40 acres and a mule
  • Technology and Politics – How today’s technology makes a difference, or does it?
  • Technology and Medicine & Healthcare
  • Nanotechnology
  • Impact of the World’s Fair – What would a world’s fair on technology now showcase?
  • Our Inability to Predict Future Technology – Critique predictions you think will happen.
  • The Internet & Privacy
  • Genetic Engineering — A wonderful new world or an awful new world?
  • Technology and Entertainment – What’s next? What are the issues?
  • Virtual Reality — How can it be used in unique ways to entertain and solve problems?
  • Augmented reality
  • Communication Technology – What is next?
  • Impact of Television — Is the discussion over on the impact of TV on children and our culture?
  • Impact of the computer in terms of careers, family life, physical health, dating, etc.
  • Technology and the Finance Industry – How technology will impact upon business.
  • Transportation Technology – Present and Future
  • Knowledgework
  • Technology and Women – How technology affects women today.
  • The Patent Process – New procedures and how to get a patent.
  • Famous and Not-So-Famous Inventors – Who are today’s unsung inventors?
  • Construction Technology: House of the Future – The Smart House
  • Technology and Crime – How the bad guys use technology
  • Technology and Crime Control – How the good guys use technology
  • Cyber Warfare
  • Technology and Marketing – How we will shop in the future
  • Technology and the Infrastructure: Then and Now – Water supply, transportation, etc.
  • The Story of the Railroad – Its future
  • The Automobile of the Future – How it could affect the economy, daily life & the ecology
  • The Story of Aviation – Its future
  • Technology & Education – How technology could affect learning -future schools
  • Technology and Manufacturing – Manufacturing in the future
  • Technology and Materialism – How technology tempts us to covet possessions rather than what we wish to become; if I can afford it, I can have it.  Work to become, not to acquire
  • Material Science in the Future – How new materials could affect our lives
  • A Comprehensive Investigation of New and Future Technology & Cultural Impact
  • Robotics – Their impact on manufacturing, crime control, daily life, etc.
  • Global Positioning System — The many ways GPS can serve us.
  • Information Technology – How to access accurate information (scholarship) & issues of ethics
  • Technology & Ethics — The issues…morals and temptations caused by technology
  • Is Technology “Good” or ” Bad”? – Case studies and examples
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