Examine the role of the patient interview in health promotion.

Building a health history;asking difficult questions

Examine the role of the patient interview in health promotion. You also will practice approaches to building a patient history by interviewing a volunteer by creating a script which you use to conduct a mock patient interview with the volunteer.

Create your own script for building a health history and use the Health History Template for guidance (consider the type of language you would use to help your patient be more comfortable).

As you create your script, consider the next bullet point and the difficult questions you want to include in your script. As you work with your patient, include those questions that you would have difficulty asking (number of sexual partners, sexual activity, types of sexual partners, recreational drug use, alcohol use, gender affiliation, age of first intercourse, STD history, reproductive history of pregnancy terminations, etc.)

In addition to your script for building a health history for this assignment, include a separate section called “Reflection” that includes the following: A brief summary of your experiences in developing and implementing your script during your health history. Explanations of what you found difficult when asking these questions. What you found insightful and what would you say or do differently.

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