Demonstrate your understanding of microeconomics and macroeconomics concepts

This assessment is a formal business report on a case study.

Case studies will be assigned to students in the Academic and Business Communication (BABC001) subject.
Readings on the case study are available on Canvas, in the Economics for Business
(BECO001) subject.

• Demonstrates understanding of microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts
• Applies economic concepts to contemporary issues and events
• Evaluates possible solutions for contemporary economic and business problems
• Communicates economic information in a business report format

1. Refer to the case study you are working on for your presentation in BABC001
Academic and Business Communication. If you are not doing BABC001 this
semester, please talk to your tutor.
2. Read the news stories for your case study, found on Canvas.
3. Individually, write a business report that includes the following information:
• Description of the main issue/problem and causes
• Description of the impact on stakeholders
• Analysis of economic concepts relevant to the case study (3-5
• Discussion of alternate solutions to the issue/problem

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