Evaluate the policy proposals of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

For this Writing Assignment, demonstrate your mastery of the concept of Political Ideology

1.Evaluate the policy proposals of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. For the purposes of this assignment, focus only on policy changes (immigration, health care, trade policy, military spending etc…) and not on questions of institutional design and democracy (increasing voter turnout, use of media, support for the Electoral College, etc…)

2.For each candidate, select one policy you feel is designed to encourage people to pursue what is in the best interests of themselves or the narrow groups they belong but at the expense of the group. Discuss the policy and why you feel it is an example of defection or free riding.

3.For the two policies you selected, discuss the position that has been taken by the opponent. In your opinion, does this approach also call for self-interest or is it an effort to solve the collective action problem or prisoner’s dilemma and do what is in society’s best long-term interest.

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