Summarize the analysis in a manner suitable for a top marketing management audience.

Starbucks going global fast

Students will be responsible for preparing and discussing cases during the semester.

The cases will be assigned during the first part of the semester. The written case analysis should consist of a 3 page, executive summary plus exhibits.

Follow the outline provided in the assignment section of Angel.

Your analysis will require you to go through the entire process of identifying (or diagnosing), evaluating, and recommending.

Your report should summarize this analysis in a manner suitable for a top marketing management audience. It is highly recommended that you include appropriate charts, graphs, and/or other visuals as exhibits for the report. A SWOT analysis and financial ratios (if financial data is available) should be part of the exhibits section.

At least three supportable alternatives should be developed for each case. These alternatives must be distinct such that multiple alternatives are NOT selected for implementation. Neither alternative should be a subset of the other.

In addition to the written case analysis, students will be expected to make a significant contribution to the class discussion on the day the case is discussed.

OUTLINE FOR Cases Situation Analysis

– Summary of the current situation facing the decision maker Detailed Findings

– Discussion of the question presented in the case Alternatives and Recommendations

– What alternatives does the decision maker have. Which one would you recommend and why. Must support your decision.

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