Write a Strategy Proposal academic paper for the fashion industry.

MBA Strategic Consulting

The paper is a Strategy Proposal academic paper for one of my modules in my MBA program.

Focus is: the fashion industry, ( Leader A, my mentee’s fashion brand Company A which is a small independent fashion designer label with their own small tailoring team, making custom made ready to wear), rebranded as a new e-commerce ready-to-wear brand (not custom made anymore) re-started during covid-19, and the new strategy to operate with only Virtual Teams (research based on VTs in pandemic era should be added), as the brand owner with no other direct teams, only outsourced teams including product development, production, e-commerce team, logistics company, customer service and social media management (a fashion entrepreneur’s start-up business during covid).

Also new strategy to rebrand as a sustainable fashion brand. A PESTLE Analysis and SWOT are needed. Market is USA. Research H&M, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger (new diversity and sustainability angle 2020- makes a good case study) and Everlane for industry analysis and comparison etc.

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