Assess the multiple paths used to implement change in an organization.

This course examines planned organizational change and the role of change agents in the development and
execution of change plans to achieve meaningful, useful organizational change. It evaluates how employee
productivity and morale can be affected when an organization makes significant changes that impact the
organizational culture. The major components of the change process are applied from both the employer
perspective and the employee perspective. Additional topics explored are the important role of leadership in the
change management process along with the development of team spirit and communication in pursuit of task
and organizational clarity.
Learners will develop the necessary skills to navigate organizational change and will also learn how to become
adept at accepting change. They will develop and enhance their skills as change agents while discovering how
they can become stronger leaders by recognizing their role in the change management process. Finally, they will
examine ways in which they can advance their careers by becoming change agents.
Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Assess the multiple paths used to implement change in an organization.
2. Recognize that change is a process rather than an event.
3. Evaluate the various employee behavioral changes that take place in response to change.
4. Analyze organizational cultures and their role in hindering and implementing change.
5. Illustrate how dynamic competitive environments prompt organizational leaders to alter their change
6. Recognize that while companies cannot always control the need for change, they can proactively
manage the change process.
7. Formulate how to guide an organization through the change process by creating dissatisfaction with the
status quo

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