What does the Bible say about; Marriage and the family: the Biblical Ideal & Modern Practice, Occupation & Ethical Consistency, Modern Forms of Entertainment & Biblical Purity.

Remember this from the syllabus? Check it again…

The research assignment and readings will be done on a topic relevant tv course material. The student will write biblical findings and conclusions in the form of a research paper (with proper documentation of biblical research) on one of the topics below.

The details regarding form for these, along with the due date, will be discussed in class. Topics may be selected from the following list or other topics with prior approval of the instructor.

This paper may serve as an educational artifact for this class.

Important and specific instructions are given in -Let’s Talk about the Paper,” included in the Addendum to the Syllabus. (See instructor.) What does the Bible say about

(a) Marriage and the family: the Biblical Ideal & Modern Practice

(b) Occupation & Ethical Consistency

(c) Modern Forms of Entertainment & Biblical Purity

(d) Modern Temptations & Biblical Standards

(e) Social Relationships & Christian Example (I) Freedom and Government .& Christian Duty to Authority

(g) American individualism & Personal Spiritual Responsibility

Originality Global plagiarism (stealing a speech entirely from a single source and passing it off as one’s own), patchwork plagiarism (stealing ideas or language from two or three sources and passing them off as one’s own), and incremental plagiarism (failing to give credit for particular parts of a speech that are borrowed from other people), are unethical and unacceptable.
The gaining of information is knowledge. The application of knowledge is wisdom. Apply your knowledge to the subject at hand.

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