The maths of Chernobyl – when will it be safe to live there?

Modelling radioactive decay: The maths of Chernobyl – when will it be safe to live there?

The internally-assessed component in this course is a mathematical exploration.This is a short report written by the student based on a topic chosen by him or her, and it should focus on the mathematics of that particular area. The emphasis is on mathematical communication (including formulae, diagrams, graphs, tables, and so on).

The final report should be approximately 12-20 pages long with double line spacing.

The report needs to be able to explain all stages of work in such a way that demonstrates a clear understanding. The report should include a detailed bibliography.

Criterion A = Presentation Criterion B = Mathematical communication Criterion C = Personal engagement Criterion D = Reflection Criterion E = Use of mathematics

The report needs to be written in a very detailed form with all the calculations showing and at the end please do not forget to answer the question which is included in the topic. ALSO please do not forget that the report needs to be focused on “MODELING”. it would be preferable if you include those graphs as well.

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