Describe the need for a project- based approach inside organizations 

This is an individual task in which students should apply learning from the module to business cases in scenarios in which:

The need for a project-based approach should be identified and justified as discussed in Lesson 1 · Project management can be assessed as a strategic element inside organizations as discussed in Lessons 2-4

Relevant case studies may be found at business-solutions/case-studies and can be complemented using own research via EBSCO and Google Scholar. You may also make assumptions as relevant as long as these are clearly indicated in the assignment. Some ideas for possible topics include IT projects in the private and/or public sectors, construction projects, product/service development projects and start-up projects inside organisations.

It assesses the following learning outcomes:

Outcome 1: describe the need for a project- based approach inside organizations

Outcome 2: understand the role of project management as a strategic element inside organizations

Outcome 3: critically assess the roles and responsibilities of a project manager

Outcome 4: evaluate how to select, develop, plan, schedule and measure its outcomes and risks.

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