Clearly Explain etiology of the disease process. Clearly explain the cause of the disease process. Thoroughly explain signs and symptoms of pathology

Primary Case 1: Hypovolemia and Case 2 is Substance misue. Both diseases of hyvolemic shock and substance misuse to exists and pertain to one patient only.

Ensure that PRIMARY Case 1:Hypovolemic Shock has 6 pages and  Case 2: Substance misuse has 6 pages

  1. Answer the questions systematically and in order in essay format.
  2. Ensure to highlight the corresponding questions to ensure all questions has been answered

3. Use minimum THREE scholarly, peer reviewed articles/resources

Define the patient’s disease process

Describe the patient’s disease process

Clearly Explain etiology of the disease process

Clearly Explain the cause of the disease process

Thoroughly explain signs and symptoms of pathology

Understand and explain first line treatment for the disease

Understand and explain second line treatment and why you would use second line treatment.

Clearly explain the patient medication

Minimum of 3-5 medications

Clearly explain the subclass of medication

Clearly explain alternative therapies

Clearly explain any Black Box warnings, contraindications, and nursing consideration for the medications

Able to identify 3 -5 common side effects

Identify any medication interactions

Common indication for the prescribed medication

Explain 2 challenges that might prevent them from taking medication as prescribed.

Provide 3 nursing diagnosis for the patient

·    List health assessment priorities for the nursing diagnosis

·   Explain 2 evidence-based practice intervention for each nursing diagnosis

·   Explain Lab work that is required to give a medical diagnosis


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