Choose a project from your work . The project could be based on: Α future project in which case your report should provide the following: the project scope (work breakdown structure); stakeholders’ analysis etc.

 Individual Report
You have to choose a project from your work (e.g. the introduction of a change management program, the installation of a new computer system, the introduction of a new product, the entry on a new market, etc.).
The project could be based on:
Α future project in which case your report should provide the following:
o the project scope (work breakdown structure);
o stakeholders’ analysis;
o budgeting information;
o the project plan (network diagram, Gantt-chart);
o resources allocation;
o recommendation of risk management strategy;
o discussion of communication issues, leadership, teamwork;
o financial evaluation;
o determination of successes and failures;
o recommendations.

You should acknowledge your sources through referencing in the text, provide a references list and use a recognized standard such as Harvard reference style.

Note that it is not enough to simply cite the work of an author in the reference section – all entries in this section should have a corresponding citation in the body of the essay.

Research Material
You are expected to demonstrate knowledge & understanding of the purposes of this assignment.
You are also advised to demonstrate evidence of reading and understanding of at least some relevant articles published in scientific journal articles and be able to reference accordingly.
It is also recommended that you access relevant websites particularly (a variety of titles are provided in the module guide) in order to enrich and further support your assignment.
Style & Approach
This assignment should be written in appropriate academic, objective style and demonstrate your critical approach to the subject. This requires you to look for strengths & weaknesses of approaches as well as thinking about explanations relevant to processes or behaviors.
Logical arguments and evidence should be used to support the development of linked themes. Try to guard against unsupported assertions, anecdotes or prescriptions. A balanced approach does not rule out the need to reach logical conclusions which should be clearly stated.
Furthermore, you are encouraged to make the appropriate recommendations for future research in this area.

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